How Can IBM Watson AI Help My Consumer Efforts

How Can IBM Watson AI Help My Consumer Efforts

Alina Imam & Anupam Singh

IBM Watson provides new levels of data that most research approaches don’t go into. While many consumer segmentations explain behavior, intent and channel shopping, with some even going as deep as to show you other brands consumers shop, IBM Watson can offer one more layer on top of that consumer segmentation.

113 Industries uses IBM Watson in a very specific way: for something called Personality Insights. This includes Watson’s use of the Big 5 Personality Model also known by the acronym OCEAN. Once you understand a person’s preferences, traits and overall psychology, it helps you understand how people make decisions in their day-to-day lives and that’s obviously very important to your consumer efforts.

By layering IBM Watson onto a segmentation, our clients are able to get a better idea of how their customers think. They can therefore design products, brand messaging and advertising accordingly. It’s targeting consumers in a way that really resonates!

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