How Can My Company Use Consumer Behavior Modeling?

How Can My Company Use Consumer Behavior Modeling?

Alina Imam

Depending on your project goals, 113 Industries can provide an actionable, strategic plan that can be dispersed among various departments to serve as a guide for targeting consumers or provide insights into category data for innovation.

Consumer Behavior Modeling can be applied as broadly as your overall business planning, or as focused as creating focus group questions. There are a variety of ways our clients use the work we do. Some clients use CBM very literally when we create language matrixes, reference charts and deep segmentations—all driven by consumer behavior. This information can be given directly to marketing departments or brand teams. Other clients use our work differently, almost like a consultancy. Once they understand our model and what matters, they look at all the business questions they have to answer and how 113 can help them make those decisions.

The best part about our model is that it’s not a plug-and-play model we deliver and walk away from. We build that model with you, educating your team to understand our insights and strategy, and then execute it with those teams. We’re on the ground with you, helping you make all kinds of decisions from product packaging to what questions to ask in your next focus group to even your entire company’s marketing strategy.    

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