Imagine the level of success your organization would achieve if you knew exactly what your customers wanted or needed.

113 Industries helps you do just that with Jacquard AI, our Machine Learning/NLP based platform. We begin by analyzing millions of voices—our datasets average 450K+ online conversations. This level of data, combined with our revolutionary in-house software and expert human analysis, enables us to build robust reports that uncover far more than high-level trends and observations.

We can tell you the why behind the data and how to immediately take action on it, transforming millions of online conversations into revenue with our AI-based consumer insights.



What’s that sound?
A million different voices speaking all at once.

That’s what it sounds like when you’re scouring blogs, forums and reviews or tracking digital conversations and online discussion from all corners of the web. A lot of it is just noise, but some of that dialogue is highly relevant to your brand.

We created the first AI-enabled ethnography service that has analyzed 450M+ consumer-generated content related to 250 CPG categories over 7 years. Jacquard AI, our core platform, is built on Natural Language Processing (NLP), Deep Learning technologies, and consumer data. By pairing NLP Technology and Artificial Intelligence with a team of expert minds, we extract the conversations that are most useful to you.

Our curiosity-driven, flexible approach gives you invaluable answers to questions you didn’t even know you needed to ask. Our results, delivered in a Jobs-To-Be-Done format, can revitalize your brand or point to innovative products your consumers have always wanted or needed.

We’ve helped CPG companies innovate
new products that
reach $100M in the
1st 3 years of launch.