What Is Consumer Behavior Modeling

What is Consumer Behavior Modeling?

Alina Imam

Consumer Behavior modeling is a process 113 Industries created to help inform your business initiatives. CBM was born out of the fact that 113 Industries was looking at so much data and we were struggling how to organize all of it for our clients. We created the Consumer Behavior Model to answer seven main questions clients might have about their consumer:

  • Consumer Segments
  • Behavior Segments
  • Competitive Landscapes
  • IBM Watson Personalities
  • What Data Points Matters
  • Understanding Purchasing Habits Exist

113 Industries puts that data into a model and organizes it to help us and our clients understand what’s important and what’s not. For one client, the consumer behavior might be more important because that’s what drives the purchasing, but another client, the competitive landscape might matter more.

When a client has so much data, combined with data from other research, it gets very loud and it’s hard to know what to listen to. Consumer Behavior Modeling helps us focus in on the data that matters and cuts down on the noise.

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