At 113 Industries, IP stands for ‘Intellectual Partner’

As an AI-enabled new product developer and market creator, 113 Industries is one of the most valuable resources your organization can have. Most clients come to us knowing what they want to accomplish, but they lack a roadmap of how to get there. We bridge that gap. We can also help you sharpen your competitive edge through uncovering hidden opportunities.

We built our Jacquard AI platform from the ground up, testing specific components since 2015. The platform has a knowledge base of 2,000 consumer needs and motivations, 500 occasions and demand moments, and 150 consumer segments. We have a deep knowledge of consumers, especially in the social and online space, which has informed and guided our use and application of specific technologies over the years.

Jacquard AI was built BY researchers FOR researchers and practitioners that apply the research every day.

Jacquard AI insights helped us implement marketing and innovation strategies that accelerated the growth for Starkist pouches.
– Andy Mecs, CMO Starkist®


Our data is organic – as consumers, we all take part in volunteering information on forums, blogs, websites, and social media. Our AI technology sifts through every public online discussion. Then, through pattern extraction and a Split-Sample methodology (blind analyses run on split samples of the data), we verify the accuracy and impact of consumer behaviors in the market.

No one gets humans like humans. That’s why we leverage a hand-picked group of strategists with unique backgrounds (everything from material science engineers to psychologists to journalists) to discover the real human story in the data. With our unique integration of AI technology and digital ethnographers, our team can uncover the consumer insights you need with unmatched speed, scale, and accuracy—in fact, we reduce the time of research from 8 months to 8 weeks.

Our data-driven consumer insights eliminate uncertainty and allow you to make smart decisions and take clear action steps with confidence.



Science Powering Brands

Our cutting-edge AI technology sifts through all the discussion happening across the web to identify high value segments, unarticulated needs, and compensating behaviors. This is how we begin forming the foundational insights that go into effective product innovation and brand marketing.

Bragging Rights

Our work works! We increase the success of new product launches in CPG and we protect our clients from being blindsided by shifting consumer landscapes.

  • To date, our work has resulted in ten $100M product launches by our clients: Smucker’s Dish, Ocean Spray Mocktails, Ocean Spray Pact, Hershey’s Cookie Layer Crunch™, Kraft Heinz Devour, Kraft Heinz SmartMade, Jif® Squeeze, Jif® Symphony, StarKist Microwavable Pouch, and Moonstone.
  • We reinvented retail strategies for two of the top CPG companies.
  • We became the de facto AI ethnography platform for consumer research for the world’s #1 leading soft beverage company, and the #1 leading alcoholic beverage company.